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The technologies used in the different parts of cathode ray tubes are largely based on the wide range of products offered by Imphy Ugine Precision.
Inside CRT's, a thermal compensation (TC) system is used to avoid image quality problems with the expansion of the shadow mask as the operating temperature of the tube rises (doming, landing, etc.). In some cases, trimetal (SS / InvarŪ / SS, welded edge to edge) is used to produce the TC spring. Trimetal enables cost effective part stamping (two parts per stroke, less scrap), part simplification (no extra spring). Furthermore this part has a shorter reaction time and its deflection, in the same direction as the frame / shadow mask is better matched then in some cases, where an R80 bimetal is used with an SS spring.

Our expertise and experience in the field of cathode ray tubes and projection systems place us in a strong position as regards emerging display technologies. The components used in these different systems draw heavily on the wide range of products proposed by Imphy Alloys.