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Patent number: SE323706
Publication date: 1970-05-11
Inventor: PLUKKER G (NL)
Applicant: PHILIPS NV (NL)
- international: H01J29/18
- european:
Application number: SE19670015174 19671106
Priority number(s): NL19660015719 19661108
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Also published as:
  NL6615719 (A)  
  GB1156077 (A)  
  ES346822 (A)  
  DE1537275 (A1)  
  BE706139 (A)  

Abstract not available for SE323706
Abstract of correspondent: GB1156077
1,156,077. Automatic light intensity control. PHILIPS ELECTRONIC & ASSOCIATED INDUSTRIES Ltd. Nov.3, 1967 [Nov. 8, 1966], No.50105/67. Heading G3R. [Also in Division H1] A multi-colour cathode-ray tube is manufac- tured by passing light from a source through a perforated shadow mask to fix luminescent material of each colour, a photo-cell responsive to light from the source controlling the energy supplied to the source to maintain light intensity constant. The screen of the tube is moved from one to the other of a number of operating stations. At each station a layer of luminescent material of a differ- ent colour is applied together with a photo-sensitive lacquer which fixes the material to form dots where it is exposed to light from a discharge lamp pass- ing through a suitably perforated shadow mask which may be that finally used in the tube. The unfixed material is then washed off before passing the screen to the next station at which a further pattern of dots, displaced from the first and corresponding to a different colour, is produced. In Fig. 2, the voltage output of a photo-cell 12 responsive to light from a HPMV discharge lamp 7 at a typical station is compared with a reference voltage from a potentiometer 31 so that any dif- ference is effective through a transistor amplifier 29 to operate a motor 30 adjusting the tapping 24 of a lamp supply transformer 23 in the appropriate direction to maintain constant light output from lamp 7. The lamp is switched on by a self-holding manually-operated push button switch 44 which remains on until a clock 43 releases a pin 40 after a time suited to the colour. When the reading of a voltmeter 45 exceeds a predetermined value, lamp 7 needs replacing. Operation of the lamp above its rating because of its intermittent use is referred to.  

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