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Colour selection electrode with elongate apertures in a colour display tube.

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Patent number: DE2860435D
Publication date: 1981-02-26
Applicant: PHILIPS NV (NL)
- international: H01J29/07
- european:
Application number: DE19782860435 19781023
Priority number(s): NL19770011713 19771026
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Also published as:
  EP0001673 (A2)  
  NL7711713 (A)  
  JP54071556 (A)  
  ES474452 (A)  
  EP0001673 (A3)  
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Abstract not available for DE2860435D
Abstract of correspondent: EP0001673
By using in colour display tube a colour selection electrode comprising a metal plate having a large number of rows of apertures which are separated from each other by bridges and are elongate in the direction of the rows, which rows extend in the direction of the phosphor lines on the display screen and in which the last aperture at the two ends of each row is at least as long as the penultimate aperture at the two ends of each row and the short sides of the last aperture of all rows situated at the extreme ends are situated on curved lines which follow the edge of the colour selection electrode, a smooth picture edge and also a good adhesion of the ends of the phosphor lines to the display window are obtained.  

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